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Award Winning


NYU’s The Hemispheric Institute’s Digital Publication’s Imprint was on-going, 10-year collaboration, working with authors, photographers, multimedia artists, performing artists, and more. At Typefold, we developed and produced not only the graphic design and the platforms for the creation of these publications but in many cases the photos, video, illustrations, and interactive maps.

Alexei Taylor, Development Lead

Out of the Archive and Into the Streets: El Cusco de Martín Chambi
Silvia Spitta
Deborah Castillo: Radical Disobedience
Alejandro Castro and Irina Troconis, Eds.
Return Atacama
Roewan Crowe and Helene Vosters, Eds.

Award Winning

EMC Imprint

The EMC Imprint is an innovative peer-reviewed press intended to exploit the multiple media of the web. The Imprint ensures rigorous peer-review, a press affiliated with an internationally recognized center for the study of early modern literature and culture, a sophisticated publication platform, and a co-ordinating editor to advise you in publishing your project.

Alexei Taylor, Development Lead

Reconstructing the Rose: 3D Computer Modelling Philip Henslowe’s Playhouse
Roger Clegg
Burgundian Black
Jenny Boulboullé & Sven Dupré
Early Modern Criticism in a Time of Crisis
David J. Baker and Patricia Palmer

Digital Web Archives

Ecologies of Migrant Care

The Ecologies of Migrant Care is a publication that “aims to research, document, and make visible the region-wide humanitarian emergency that is resulting from the ongoing expulsion of refugees and migrants from Central America…”

Virtual Asian American Artists Museum

An ongoing collaboration with faculty from NYU, Rutgers, and DePaul, VAAAM is a series of online exhibitions that include videos, photos, interactive timelines, and mapping projects.

Zip Code Memory Project

The Zip Code Memory Project seeks to find community-based ways to memorialize the devastating losses resulting from the Coronavirus pandemic while also acknowledging its radically differential effects on Upper New York City neighborhoods.

Collaborative Courses

How Movement Makes Meaning

Debra Levine
How Movement Makes Meaning (HMMM) was an intensive NYU Abu Dhabi 2018 J-term class on dramaturgy and dance. Theater Professor Debra Levine collaborated with choreographer Aakash Odedra during his residency at the Arts Center at NYU Abu Dhabi to create an opportunity for experiential learning. HMMM investigated the creative process of choreographing a work prompted by the current refugee crisis. Employing the techniques of dance dramaturgy, the course investigated how choreography creates meaning through bodies in motion, and discovered how a dramaturg can contribute to that process.

Decolonial Theories and Practices

Diana Taylor
Emerging predominantly from Latin America, ‘decolonial’ studies call attention to the fact that coloniality is not only not over, not post, but that it permeates almost all aspects of our lives: subjectivity, race, gender, language, as well as our epistemologies and pedagogies. This course from 2019 examined some of the basic elements of coloniality and the theories and practices that scholars and artists have developed to contest ongoing practices of “epistemicide.”

Art, Migration, and Human Rights

Diana Taylor, Marcial Godoy-Anativia, and Jesusa Rodríguez
In August 2015, a group of 38 students, professors, researchers, photographers, filmmakers, artists, and activists from 13 different countries boarded a bus in San Cristóbal de las Casas for a week-long trip across the southern Mexican state of Chiapas and the cities around it. The trip was part of a three-week course on “Art, Migration, and Human Rights,” offered by the Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics.

About Us

At Typefold, we specialize in all aspects of academic publishing and web design–from consulting, to design, content creation, as well as hosting and publishing. Started by Alexei Taylor, the original goal was to create preservable, shareable academic online books that could expand on traditional university presses and also achieve greater dissemination across geographical and linguistic boundaries with multilingual publishing options. Gradually, we focused on how these publications could be created through collaborative authoring. These new approaches create new kinds of scholarly and artistic works. We are currently developing new tools for building online collaborative classrooms that focus on how students and faculty can author together to build dynamic, archival projects to be used in the classroom.

Alexei Taylor is a graduate of NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP, MPS) and has worked helping faculty better use technology in their teaching and pedagogy since 2001. He has taught undergraduate and graduate courses at NYU and CUNY and has co-taught courses at Columbia, DePaul, Rutgers, and NYU Abu Dhabi. Alexei is a web developer, designer, illustrator, photographer, and videographer working to create better tools for publishing and teaching. Typefold also employs full-stack back end developers, editors, and translators to address any kind of technical needs.

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