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About Us

At Typefold, we specialize in all aspects of academic publishing and web design. From consulting, to design, content creation, as well has hosting and publishing. Started by Lex Taylor, the original goal was to create preservable, shareable academic online books that could not only address concerns about traditional university presses but also to achieve greater dissemination of the publications across geographical and linguistic boundaries. We slowly evolved to focus on how these publications can be the product of collaborative authoring and how this approach creates new kinds of works. We are currently developing new tools for building online collaborative classrooms that focus on how students and faculty can author together to build dynamic, archival projects to be used in the classroom.

Lex Taylor is a graduate of NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP, MPS) and has worked helping faculty better use technology in their teaching and pedagogy since 2001. He has taught undergraduate and graduate courses throughout NYC, from NYU to Columbia, to CUNY. Lex is a web developer, designer, illustrator, photographer, and videographer working to create better tools for publishing and teaching. Typefold also employs full-stack back end developers, editors, and translators to address any kind of technical needs.

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